Located in Stamford Hill in North London, the Biala Synagogue Community Centre has undergone a complete renovation and refurbishment led by LS Architectural Designs.

The community centre comprises a main synagogue worship hall, ancillary prayer rooms, reading hall, library, function venue and kitchen as well as ritual mikvah baths. Porcelain tiles were used extensively in the mikvah facilities, which include a suite of ceremonial pools, communal changing spaces and showers.

The colouring of the changing rooms and shower area was chosen to provide a premium feel, keeping the aesthetics sleek and stylish, whilst still feeling warm and cosy.

Luxurious, golden, marble effect porcelain tiles from the Marbalite range were applied to the walls in a polished finish. This provided the plush style sought by the designer.

The wall tiles were embellished with borders and accents of a custom blend mosaic that was created specially for the project, and was designed to be coherent with the blue, grey and beige palette used elsewhere in the scheme.

For the mikvah pools, the brief was to create a clinical aesthetic, centred on a palette of blue shades. Solus supplied a special composite stone range that incorporated small mirror shards, creating glittering sparkles of light through water in the pools.

Various shades of blue and beige were custom cut in order to create the woven effect pattern in and around the pools. Finally, a concrete inspired colour option from the Foundry range was used on the floors throughout the space.

The neutral hued tiles feature delicate cement-like textures with a matt finish, providing a pleasing juxtaposition to the glossy surfaces used elsewhere. Architect Liebel Schlesinger, LS Architectural Designs, said: “I have worked with Solus for a few years now, and knew that they could be accommodating for the wide range of customisation we required to complete the mikvah baths. The response to the design has been overwhelmingly positive.


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