Drury House, a large, prominent office building set in the Covent Garden area, recently received a fresh and modern transformation by the team at Hale Brown Architects.

A stunning introduction to the building, the reception area was reconfigured and decluttered to maximise the layout, with part of the existing concrete waffle slab exposed to provide a feature over the new seating area.

A main theme running throughout the new areas, a triangle motif, was inspired by the unusual geometry of the building and can be seen in graphic designs on the walls, in the shape lighting fixtures and with the large format triangular tiles that provide the subtle pattern on the floors.

600x600mm tiles from the halogen range were water jet cut into triangles

Solus Ceramics worked with the architects to supply bespoke cut triangle tiles from the Halogen range, which is a full bodied porcelain collection, characterised by strong, solid, uniform colours.

To create the interesting, geometric floor pattern, standard 600x600mm tiles were transformed using an advanced process called water jet cutting, which is a tried and tested method of cutting tiles into complex shapes.

A cost effective and environmentally conscious solution that minimises tile wastage and provides clean, crisp and smooth edges; water jet cutting can be applied to any of Solus Ceramics’ vast portfolio of ranges to create similar geometric tiles.

The floor design continues in the bathrooms, where accents of colour were added

The triangle inspired floor design idea was also carried through to the elevators and to the refurbished WCs on the office floors, with accents of colour added in the most trafficked areas.

Finally, unused areas in the basement were converted into a well-appointed bike store with new showers and a football pitch for tenants, creating a real ‘wow’ factor in the development.

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