As the newest member of the Japan Centre Group family, Ichiba is reportedly the largest Japanese food hall in Europe at over 1,600 square metres with a capacity for 200 diners.

Now open at Westfield London’s newly opened Shepherd’s Bush expansion, Ichiba is an evolution of the traditional food hall experience, with freshly prepared street-food, essential kitchen groceries and unique Japanese gifts.

A collaboration between the Japan Centre Group and the Cool Japan Fund, Ichiba promotes a sense of familiarity by taking cues from the design of the flagship store on Panton Street, with products from Solus once again helping to convey the identity of the brand.

Designed by CADA, Ichiba features “theatrical kitchens” where shoppers can watch cooking demonstrations and workshops, spacious eating areas, and two entrances cleverly allowing guests to flow through the space to access the wider Westfield complex.

Aesthetically, the Ichiba design is bold and contemporary yet timeless, reflecting Japan through subtle environmental elements like chopstick-style lighting. 

Situated on the ground floor of the Westfield extension, Ichiba receives plenty of natural light and the gentle colour pallet and natural materials help to maximize its impact. 

Chevron shaped wood effect tiles make a big impact

The team at CADA also made sure that, being such a massive space, there were clear sight lines and distinct sections of the store enabling shoppers to navigate and find their next food adventure, without overwhelming them by controlling the sight lines.

Finishes from Solus helped to achieve this goal, with chevron shaped tiles from the wood effect Recon range in particular being used to create distinctive zones in space. In addition to floor tiles, Solus also supplied contemporary wall tiles from the Arcadian range and bespoke fabricated composite terrazzo countertops to many of the food stations and till banks. 

Solus supplied bespoke fabricated terrazzo countertops to various food and customer service areas


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