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If you were tuned into our social media on Monday 1 April, you may have seen the launch of a fabulous new tile range that captured the molten, cheesy, deliciousness of pizza!

The new Napoli range, which was ‘available’ in three shades of pizza toppings, was of course our April fools’ campaign for 2019, and unfortunately not a range you can ‘takeaway.

Baked-up by our marketing team, the range was actually produced (on a small-scale run) so that sample cards and product displays could be made up, and many of our own team were convinced that the product was authentic!

Whilst the Napoli range won’t end up hitting the shelves soon, the team were overwhelmed by the positive feedback to the concept of a food-themed range. And whilst pizza tiles are a little ‘out-there’, the possibility of creating a range of unique self-designed tiles is a totally viable solution.

Solus work closely with some of the most experienced manufacturers in the world, and the ability to design and print bespoke tiles is becoming more commonplace and accessible to trade professionals.

So, if you were interested in producing a pizza themed tile, or maybe something a little less cheesy, give Solus a call – maybe you can make this April fools prank into a reality!