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Originality is very important in the world of design, and one way to escape the ordinary is to propose and craft your own decorative product. You no doubt will have encountered personalised wallpaper, custom-made mixed paint and made-to-order joinery, but what about bespoke tiles?

More often than not, Solus are able to satisfy a client’s demands by tapping into their vast portfolio of trusted ceramic distributors, but in some circumstances a made-to-order product is needed to meet the brief.

Bespoke slabs can provide the creative freedom to invent almost any imaginable design, whether it is a simple pattern, a complex graphic print, or a mural inspired by a popular artistic style, Solus can take your artwork and create a unique, original and high-quality porcelain slab.

Once you have settled on a specific idea, the simple process begins. Artwork is sent to the manufacturer, the appropriately sized tiles are selected, and advanced production techniques allow the proposed design to be transferred to the face of a solid porcelain slab. Almost any large format size can be selected, from 600x600mm up to 1600x3200mm, and everything in between.

You can opt for a small, limited run of specific tiles to create a distinctive one-off wall design or go bold with a large production – ideal for a big brand refresh, or a large commercial project.

Sometimes when faced with the infinite possibilities of bespoke production, it’s helpful to see a selection of pre-existing designs, and Solus shines with a range of specially curated options to delight and inspire. Of course, if one of these funky patterns flatters your aesthetic taste, you are more than welcome to use one of these in-house concepts, which you could customise with your own choice of colours.

Some standout prints include an on-trend, Hollywood inspired palm print, a chic array of gradient tiles and an eye-catching oversized terrazzo pattern. If you would like to learn more about this innovative tile service, visit the Solus website or head to their showroom at 80 Clerkenwell Road in London to explore a variety of these exclusive tiles.