The 80’s was like 10 years ago right? Wrong! The decade that brought us the material girl came to an end 30 years ago, but the pervading spirit of her neon-infused heyday is conjured eccentrically at Nocturnal Animals, a new bar and restaurant in the West Midlands.

Conceived by Alex Claridge, head chef of Birmingham’s The Wilderness, the design concept for Nocturnal Animals took it’s direction from the food, a menu that drummed up it’s inspiration from an 80’s Spotify playlist. 

Brought to life by Faber, a design agency that specialises in the creation of innovative food & beverage concepts, Nocturnal Animals brings 80’s glamour in spades, showering visitors with brash neon signs, pops of intense colour, jarring graphic prints, all topped off with some seriously chic David Lynch-style corridors.

The rebellious tone of MTV is particularly prevalent throughout the street level cocktail bar, but guests are taken on a transformative journey as they explore the cavernous, subterranean levels of the space.  From the bar, guests are led through a space age, monochrome corridor, which leads to the underground restaurant. 

Bringing the look of Rubik’s Cube to the cubical

Aesthetically, the space conveys the story of a secret disco, featuring a dynamic floor design and a theatrical food pass. Framed with black 3D tiles from Solus’ Dimensional range, the drama of the kitchen becomes entertainment, emphasised by the stage-like lighting and an unmissable neon headline!

Colour explodes in the mid-level unisex bathroom, where designer Aisling Ryan brought the spirit of Rubik’s Cube to the cubical. 

The bathroom features a rainbow-themed palette of funky colours

“The tiles came first!” shared Aisling, “I think I ordered every single colour from Solus’ Bright collection, and in the end chose my favourite shades. The bathroom is a complete contrast to the darker spaces, and perfectly conveys the playful and provocative mood of the venue.”

Nocturnal Animals is an impressive fusion of nostalgia, tongue-in-cheek humour and experimental design – casually knocking the tropes we associate with fine dining and reminding us to have a bit of fun!


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