Dry Fit System

Solus Ceramics introduce the revolutionary and recyclable Dry Fit System, a floor tile solution that can be laid without grout or adhesive and moved or replaced with ease.

The system, which is made up of interlocking flexible sections, can be laid on almost any flat surface including previously tiled areas.

Once an area has been covered with the Dry Fit System, tiles can then be placed into the tile holders.

Featuring built-in plastic grout lines and a resistant bed, tiles are locked into place without the need for adhesive products and grout.

The Dry Fit System accommodates 600x600mm module tiles up to 12.5mm in thickness, with 1000's of compatible options available at Solus Ceramics.

The Birmingham made and distributed flooring solution, is manufactured from 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. It offers excellent green credentials as it allows clients to re-use the tile and the system separately or together again. It is also very easy to replace tiles or change an entire floor to an alternative design quickly. The Dry Fit System can also be moved to new locations with ease and reused time and time again.

The system is also 90% lighter than some other dry tiling systems, which reduces the products carbon footprint when transported.

Our fitters tell us how easy the product is to lay, and also praise the speed in which they can finish projects in comparison to a wet tiling process.

Dry Fit System is available now, with a lead-time of no more than 14 days. For further design options, the plastic grout joints can be specified to match any RAL colour.

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