Taking inspiration from the ‘Swinging London’ of the 1960’s, VIVI is a new all-day brasserie located in the ambitious redevelopment of Centre Point, a historical London landmark located in the heart of the West End.

With a menu derived from some of the ultimate nostalgic dishes, brought up to date with bold flavours and seasonal ingredients, VIVI embodies the glamorous atmosphere of the decade, offering guests a sentimental yet innovative culinary experience.

Designed by Gordon Young of Gordon Young Architects*, for the premium hospitality group Rhubarb, the journey from ground floor entrance to the restaurant pays homage to the style, music and fashion of the 60’s, with a particular nod to the optical art of the period.

This is particularly manifest in the unique floor design of the lobby, which not only conveys the namesake of the restaurant (the repeated roman numerals for ‘66’) but also perfectly evokes the extravagant glamour of the era.

‘VIVI’ appears in details throughout the lobby scheme

Crafted using polished porcelain material from Solus’ marble-like Palace range, the design team selected two opposing black and white shades to create the bold and dramatic monochrome pattern. 

Speaking about the scheme, Gordon Young explained: “Flooring is important in any space, being the largest surface area to dress, we wanted something exciting and graphic. It was important to emulate the branding, and this was achieved through the bespoke design we created, which not only captures the 60’s vibe but also subliminally conveys the identity of the restaurant.”

Upstairs, the restaurant evokes the opulence of a ship liner. Framed by the long, elegant lines of adjacent glazed curtain walls, the dining area features wide elliptical movements and decked seating areas, overlooked by a bespoke Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt chandelier.

The glamorous elliptical bar shimmers like a Paco Rabanne chain mail dress

Tiling comes into play again at the VIVI Bar where customers are met with a luxurious round bar surrounded by marble-look flooring, created using bespoke chevron tiles, fabricated once again with tiles from the gorgeous Palace range. 


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