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3D tiles and the trends of 2018

Feb 09,2018

While three-dimensional tiles are in no way a new development in the industry, 2018 will see the trend progress with the emergence of many new and exciting ranges that are sure to catch the eye of discerning designers looking for something a little different.

With advancements in tile production technology, manufacturers have been able to create even more innovative and exciting 3D tiles, allowing designers to explore a wider variety of sculpted surface materials. Futuristic, architectural 3D tiles help to evoke a dynamic mood by creating shadow, texture and unexpected tactility. For those who love geometric styles in particular, three-dimensional tiles can be a way to intensify an existing design scheme, creating patterns that truly jump off the wall.

One of the most exciting ranges from Solus is Dimensional, a distinctive collection of 3D tiles with geometric, angular characteristics. Dimensional features stunning space-age and contemporary patterns that enable the creation of wonderful abstract feature wall designs. With varying three-dimensional relief patterns, this imaginative range allows architects and designers to create an array of complex patchwork arrangements or regular repeated patterns.

The range is available in a chic core palette of grey scale colours including white, off-white, grey and black. In addition to the central monochrome shades, the Dimensional range is also available in two gold and silver metallic versions, both featuring scored lines and speckled grain textures to add further interest.

For those looking for a softer more shapely 3D range, Solus is excited to introduce Silhouette. Made up of 11 neutral and metallic colours, Silhouette features a square format that is available in two textured options; curved and lined.

The curved option features a characteristic quarter circle three-dimensional arc, whilst the lined option has been crafted to include a smooth asymmetrical peak. These tiles can be used to create repeated uniform patterns, or applied more randomly to create fractured, unconventional designs.

In addition, the range also includes a hexagon format that similarly is available in two three-dimensional choices. The umbrella shape, features an angular, asymmetric peak, whilst the star-inspired décor possesses a unique geometric design.

A fantastic option for wall installations, 3D tiles create eye-catching features that can become the showpiece of any interior design. Three-dimensional tiles are perfect for creating texture and provide a tactile, molecular aesthetic that invites attention. Feature walls clad with 3D tiles can transform any commercial space, from retail areas and restaurants to the office and leisure centres. A strategically placed feature wall should be decorative, eye-catching and serve as an immediate focal point for customers and workers.

The Navigation range from Solus is a contemporary and architectural evolution of a traditional ceramic range. Featuring an array of curved, rounded 3D shapes, the collection is made up of four modern neutral colours. A highlight of the range, Navigation includes a unique flat tile with a tilted surface. When applied to walls, these tiles create a three-dimensional angular surface that allows designers to form mind-bending installations.

For those wanting to try 3D tiles without having to commit to the typical aesthetics already discussed, many manufacturers include simple, textured décors within their established ranges that can be used to infuse a touch of texture to a standard design. The Desert One range includes two gently waved décor tiles that feature soft and seductive three-dimensional curved textures. These shallow three-dimensional tiles offer the movement, shadow and tactility afforded by more complex ranges, but typically showcase a more subtle aesthetic.

Following on from this idea, designers can try out the 3D trend by using simple etched and embossed tiles. Fruits, a surprising range of colourful yet traditional looking wall tiles, incorporates patterned, textured décors that can bring an unusual twist to any space. These 3D décor tiles feature many different geometric patterns such as hexagons, diamonds, triangles and other complex architectural designs. Each  has been artfully pressed into the tiles, creating a wonderfully tactile surface that is incredibly eye-catching when applied to a feature wall.

A particular niche for wall installations, users looking for a 3D effect on floor areas could explore printed and patterned tiles. Many ranges, such as Illustrate from Solus, include artfully printed designs that evoke a three-dimensional aesthetic. From repeated geometric patterns to rippled waves, these tiles can trick the eye into seeing a textured 3D pattern and provide the textures normally created with relief tiles.

3D tiles possess a huge amount of personality, offering designers the ability to play with clear-cut shapes, sinuous ripples, multi-faceted patterns and elegant reliefs bringing walls into the third dimension with unparalleled expressiveness. The way in which light and shadow play across these surfaces is a particular highlight, adding to the complex aesthetic of these sculpted surfaces. Even the sparsest space can be brought to life with three-dimensional tiles as they evoke a particular emotional response that is not replicated by any other ceramic material.

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