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Don’t Slip Up

Solus Ceramics will ensure that you ‘Don’t Slip up!’ with this 45-60 minute bespoke seminar that provides you with the latest information and guidance on anti slip floor tiles and testing procedures. Held at premises of your choice this seminar features in-depth discussion about HSE anti-slip guidelines, live demonstrations and video presentations.

Our bespoke seminar aims to provide you with the latest guidance on anti slip floor tiles and the testing procedures.

Solus Ceramics provides a range of innovative commercial anti slip floor tiles ideal for swimming pools, leisure centres, food production environments, kitchen and bathroom areas and more. Commercial flooring tiles must adhere to HSE anti-slip guidelines, and Solus Ceramics can help ensure that your floors are not only legally compliant but also hard-wearing, durable and easy to clean.

Manufacturers and suppliers have a duty to ensure that their products are safe, and all Solus Ceramic’s anti-slip tiles undergo stringent testing. A video demonstration of the ramp test, DIN 51130 and DIN51092 , live demonstrations of both the Wessex pendulum machine and surface roughness meter would be provided as part of the presentation.

For more information on this seminar and any other seminars held by Solus Ceramics please call our sales team who would be happy to help. The seminar lasts for 45-60 minutes it is held at your offices, usually over lunchtime and a light lunch and drinks will be supplied. Solus Ceramics are also happy to hold the meeting as breakfast or evening event, once again food and refreshments can be supplied in accordance with the time of day.