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Wood & Vinyl


engineered hardwood flooring & luxury vinyl tiles

Solus is delighted to announce the launch of its new Engineered Hardwood Floor and Luxury Vinyl Tile collections featuring six innovative and exciting ranges. The company has extended its already robust portfolio of porcelain, ceramic and natural stone commercial tiles to meet the ever-increasing market demand.

The stunning ranges of Oakwood, Finewood, Spiritwood and Materiawood sit within the Engineered Hardwood Floor collection, perfectly complemented by the on-trend Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Ecostone and Ecowood.

engineered hardwood flooring ranges

Finewood EHF

Finewood is a high quality range of herringbone styled flooring made from 12 rich and varied wood surfaces.

Oakwood EHF

The Oakwood range comes in many varying shades of oak, bonded to a light but incredibly strong high-density fiberboard (HDF) middle layer.

Materiawood EHF

With a surface created from a mixture of wood and mineral, Materiawood looks like stone but feels like wood.

Spiritwood EHF

Spiritwood is a highly flexible range comprised of a wide variety of shades, finishes and sizes.


The practical alternative to solid wood flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring combines the natural beauty of wood with the durability and practicality of layered engineered flooring.

luxury vinyl tiles ranges

Ecowood LVT

Ecowood has a wide range of wood effect surfaces, available in 5mm, 9mm or the pro 2mm thickness for use on floors where height has to be kept to a minimum.

Ecostone LVT

Ecostone has four beautifully recreated concrete effect tiles, ranging from a mottled light grey to a wispy black all available in waterproof, soundproof or flexible options.


Eco Friendly and durable Luxury vinyl tiles

Ecostone and Ecowood are two parts of the same impressive range of Luxury Vinyl Tiles manufactured without the production of PVCs

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