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Movement joints

Movement joints compensate for the movement of tiles, which extends down through the tiles, the bed and screed layer below. Without them, stress builds up between the tile and the substrate, causing de-bonding, bulging and cracking. Therefore these stress-relieving joints are an essential part of any tiling installation, and should be incorporated at the design stage.

Protection of water-sensitive backgrounds

Most backgrounds used in the UK are water-sensitive i.e. Plaster, plaster-board, timber etc.

To ensure the longevity of a tiled project these backgrounds require some type of protective layer over the surface to protect them from the ingress of moisture.
This can be done in various ways depending upon what type of service environment they will be put into once commissioned.

Open Pedestal Systems

The pedestal raised deck supports are designed for use on external terraces, walkways, balconies and ballasted at roof constructions. They can also be used for decorative purposes to create raised patio and wooden decked areas in gardens.

Raised Access Flooring

The raised floor for interiors has been specially designed to provide a rational answer to the need for flexibility required by technological innovation in places where there is a high concentration of process plant, like offices, data processing centres and the advanced services sector.

Tiling to a Heated Calcium Sulphate Screed

These types of screed are more commonly referred to as Anhydrite; they are a gypsum based screed, in which the binding agent either consists of natural anhydrite, thermal anhydrite, alpha hemi-hydrate or mixes of these.

Tiling to a Heated Cement/Sand Screed

Floors with under floor heating generally operate below 30°C. The heating elements are usually incorporated in a suitable reinforced mortar screed with a minimum thickness of 75mm.

Tiling with large format, thin-bodied porcelain tiles

With the introduction into the UK, of large format, thin-bodied porcelain tiles (thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 5mm), it is clear that the main benefit for this type of tile is reduced weight restrictions; For example fixing onto skimmed or plastered backgrounds or alternatively for refurbishment works – tile on tile.

Environmental information

At Solus we are committed to being able to provide our customers with a wide range of environmentally friendly products. With this in mind we have searched throughout Europe and have access to ranges from many factories who meet the criteria to be ECO-label and EMAS certified.

Treatment and Maintenance Crackle Glaze

Prior to grouting crackle glaze tiles it is recommended that they are sealed; this may be done using a temporary sealer such as Fila PRW200.

This is a water based pre-grouting solution which makes the application of grout and cleaning off easier, without altering the material’s appearance.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Guide gives an introduction to the best products to clean and maintain beautiful porcelain and ceramic tiles.

From the Solus Initial Cleaner, suitable for the removal of cement deposits during builders clean prior to hand-over, to the Solus Degreaser, used for cleaning heavy traffic workshop areas; and for all other areas the gentle cleaning action of the pH neutral Solus Everyday Cleaner.

Quarter 19

Quarter 19 celebrates the launch of two new stylish and sophisticated Solus collections that we hope you will find as inspirational and innovative as we do. The unveiling of our Engineered Hardwood Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tiles marks the start of an exciting era for the company, enabling us to enhance and expand our product offering.

In addition, we will explore a diverse selection of project case studies and reveal the latest trend-setting ranges that promise to set alight the world of interior design – from retro Psychedelia which takes its inspiration from the swinging sixties to the show-stopping mosaics of Celebrity.

Quarter 18

Riding high on the success of Clerkenwell Design Week 2019, the Design Week Awards 2019 and a huge array of exciting events, Solus is excited to bring the focus back to products with Quarter 18.

In this issue, we look to the future of terrazzo with a variety of authentic and porcelain material as well as introducing a wide selection of eccentric and interesting wall tiles.

As usual, we also cover some of our recent projects, including the luxurious Third Space City health club, the retro-chic Everyman Horsham and the beautiful Kym’s.

In addition, we will explore a diverse selection of project case studies and reveal the latest trend-setting ranges that promise to set alight the world of interior design – from retro Psychedelia which takes its inspiration from the swinging sixties to the show-stopping mosaics of Celebrity.

Quarter 17

Whilst we meticulously plan the content of Quarter and decide upon the direction of the magazine way before we come to produce it, this issue seems to have developed a particular character completely organically!

Many of the projects and products we are showcasing are routed within a particular period of design, whether it be from the bright neon lights of the 80’s, or the eclectic vibrancy of the Swinging Sixties.

This retrospective theme perfectly highlights the idea that fashion, design and style is in a constant cycle – yet here in Quarter, we show you how the great minds of today reinterpret, reimagine and readdress these trends for tomorrow.

Quarter 16

For the past 15 issues, Quarter has been an inspirational compendium of tile news and Solus updates, bringing you the latest trending ranges and a curated selection of interesting project case studies.

Switching this up, we decided to dedicate Quarter 16 exclusively to project editorial, showcasing brand new architectural projects, some past favourites, and others that we were unable to squeeze into previous magazines.

Quarter 15

As with fashion, some tile trends come and go with the seasons, years and even decades. Terrazzo, which has experienced a recent renaissance, continues to be a finish that clients are eager to reacquaint with.

In this issue we take a look at a fabulous new terrazzo product, as well as a stunning project that features a huge amount of material from two of our most popular terrazzo ranges.

We also delve into an impressive emerging mosaic range, as well as a beautiful wood inspired collection. Rounding off issue 15, we take a retrospective look at some of our favourite projects from 2018.

Quarter 14

With the Clerkenwell Showroom now open and the new Solus branding firmly established, you would think it would be time to relax! But demand for new ideas and inspiration never ceases, so our team have been hard at work sourcing some inspirational new materials to whet your design appetite.

In issue 14, we are exploring some totally unique concrete wall finishes that will completely change the way you think about surface coverings, and we are also promoting a collection of eye-catching three-dimensional tiles.

Projects in this issue come from our friends at Oktra, Studio RHE, CPMG, Blenheim Design, Fusion Design and Architecture, and LS Architectural Designs.

Quarter 13

Quarter 13 celebrates the launch of our Clerkenwell Showroom, our new specification and design showroom located in the centre of London’s most prestigious architectural districts. We would love for you to visit us and invite you to see it for yourself at 80 Clerkenwell Road, on the corner of St. John Street.

Things look a little different in issue 13 of Quarter, as not only do we welcome a fresh new design but we also reveal our new company brand! We wanted to say a big thank you to all of our clients, partners and industry friends that assisted with our rebranding research.

In addition, we are also checking out a selection of new trendsetting tile ranges and some very exciting project case studies.

Quarter 12

For those seeking the latest contemporary architectural tiles, look no further than Quarter issue 12. Featuring six new ranges, the magazine focuses on surfaces that are perfect for commercial projects and chic residential interiors.

In addition, readers can explore five case studies including the beautiful Westside office development, London Stadium and the impressively eclectic Tamburlaine hotel.

In the technical section, open pedestal systems, which can be used to create raised floors, external decks and walkways, are explained and examined.

Quarter 11

Along with the introduction of seven fantastic new tile ranges, Quarter 11 also includes five incredible project case studies that are sure to inspire and delight.

Explore the amazing Crowne Plaza Kings Cross, Geberit’s new head office and the luxurious Asprey Park, all of which feature sought after ranges from Solus Ceramics.

Finally, read about the new developments at 9 Baker Street and Solus Ceramics’ partnership with high end furniture manufacturer Missana.

Quarter 10

Experience Quarter Issue 10 and explore the latest trends in the tiling industry and be inspired by our recently completed projects.

Terrazzo is making a big comeback, and in this edition we take a look at some of the best new terrazzo inspired porcelain ranges.

In addition, the magazine also covers exciting case studies such as the Doubletree by Hilton Kingston, de Gruchy department store and the innovative Oak Priory care home.

Quarter 9

Quarter issue 9 showcases some of the most exciting and innovative styles and tile trends that we anticipate to emerge in 2017.

With firm favourites such as hexagon shaped tiles being given a fresh lease of life with new designs and patterns, and customisable tiles becoming a viable solution for designers, this issue of the magazine is set to inspire readers to exceed all of their design expectations.

In addition, we also explore some of our recently completed projects such as The Garden at Blakes Hotel, Virgin Holidays and M Victoria St.

Quarter 8

The 100% design show marks a time in the annual calendar when Solus Ceramics bring their newest and most exciting products to the market, and 2016 is no exception!

In this issue we will be focusing on the six tile ranges that we will be launching at the show, which includes the amazing fabric inspired Patchwork range, a new mosaic product called Villes and our top trend pick for 2017- Metropolitan.

In addition, you can explore a selection of recent projects that we are particularly proud to have worked on. Perhaps the summer season has left us with the yearning to retain a little holiday cheer as we focus on hospitality projects like Five Guys in Dubai, Merchant’s Manor hotel in Falmouth and Red Dog American Sandwiches.

Quarter 7

Exploring new shapes in the tile industry, Issue 7 introduces new ranges such as Global and Intrigue which feature unusual formats such as hexagons, rhombuses and triangles.

Project case studies include the dynamic Factory 2050, a beautiful bar at Kings Cross and a public swimming pool in Dartford.

In addition, Issue 7 has the first in our series of Manager interviews, which have been created to give you an insight into the day to day activities of Solus Ceramics.

Quarter 6

In this edition Solus Ceramics celebrates some of the new products to coincide with their attendance at the Retail Design Expo 2016.

These ranges represent themes and ideas that they think will be popular in 2016, including the trend for realistic stone effect tiles and bold solid colours.

Projects in this issue include a residential Grand design, an innovative university and a beautiful church renovation.

Quarter 5

Detailing top trends in tile design, Issue 5 features exciting ranges such as Prototype, Geometry, Format and Framework.

Commercial projects such as John Lewis in Birmingham, Aresnal FC’s new hospitality lounge and a beautiful hotel in the Lake District are featured within.

A standout product in Quarter 5 is Dimensional, which is a 3D range of wall tiles that offer a futuristic, abstract aesthetic.

Quarter 4

Introducing Solus Ceramics’ new products as showcased at 100% Design 2015, Quarter 4 is firmly focused on trend setting tile style and future design inspirations.

This issue features products such as the decorative, wood effect Pier range, the distinctive Compression ranges and Interlace- a unique and interesting wall tile.

Restaurants and bars are the main focus for case studies, and Issue 4 explores Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Alston Beef & Bar and Quaglino’s.

Quarter 3

Themed around natural tiles, both authentic and porcelain, Issue 3 features a host of wonderful tile ranges and projects featuring natural inspired and genuine stone tiles.

The Palace range, which is featured on the front cover, is a elegant and sumptuous range of marble inspired tiles that provide a regal, grandiose and refined aesthetic.

Case studies include an editorial about Solus Ceramics’ work with Jaguar Land Rover, a case study about Nottingham Train Station and a review of On5- a restaurant at Royal Ascot.

Quarter 2

Following on from the success of the Premiere issue, Quarter 2 explores tile trends and style, with predictions for what Solus Ceramics think will be big in the coming months.

Interesting shaped tiles like the hexagons from the Illustrate range and the authentic looking bricks from the Brickwork range are reviewed, along with the urban inspired Groundwork range and the realistic wood effect tiles from the Heartwood range.

Issue 2 also features some large scale commercial project case studies including ZSL London Zoo, Queens Square in West Bromwich and a new Nissan showroom.

Quarter 1

Introducing Quarter magazine, Solus Ceramics’ brand new in-house tile style magazine. Quarter brings you the latest and most trendsetting tile ranges and a selection of exciting project case studies to inspire your imagination.

Quarter is available here on the Solus Ceramics’ website to download and view for free, or in print from a Solus Ceramics showroom or by subscribing on the form to the right.

In this issue fabulous ranges such as Rocking, Craft and Plaster are explored, along with interesting case studies focusing on projects like Maserati and Golden Bee.


LS Architectural Designs

On the Biala Synagogue Community Centre, 'Solus has a been working with me for a few years now. We felt that they could be accommodating of the wide range of customisation and bespoke tile fabrication required for this project.'

Webb Gray Ltd

On One Central Boulevard, 'Having worked with Solus for a long period of time, Webb Gray welcome their depth of knowledge, experience and technical expertise that have contributed in allowing us to aid the refurbishment of a fantastic building.’

Devon Interiors

'We have worked together previously on numerous projects, ranging from independent living complexes through to restaurants and spas, so I know that they have a varied range of floor and wall tiles to meet the design requirements of any space’

CPMG Architects Limited

'Working with Solus has made selecting tiles so much easier. We are provided with complimentary samples, delivered to us the very next day, and in-depth information regarding versatility of the tiles and the fantastic selection of colours available.'

Ambassador Theatre Group

'I have worked with Solus at several previous companies, and have always found the range of available products, in the range of various price options mean I can achieve exactly what I’ve set out to create. I’d happily specify their products in future as they are able to offer high quality but cost effective options for whatever the project requires.'

Rolls Royce

'We began working with Solus in May 2012 and during this time they have supplied a number of showroom renovation projects with the approved corporate identity tile. They offer Rolls-Royce dealers a prompt and efficient service and are always happy to help over and above what is contractually required of them. Their “can do” approach has not only had a positive impact on the project but also on the day to day workload of myself and my team.'

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