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Size Guide

Nominal tile sizes

All tiles shown on this website are shown as nominal tile sizes. The nominal size is the expected production size of the tile plus the joint size. For example, a tile with a nominal size of 600 x 600 mm will typically have a production size of 597 x 597 mm (+3 mm joint width). Unless a tile has been rectified (mechanically cut to an exact size), production sizes have an allowed deviation of around +/- 2 mm.

Rectified tiles

Rectified tiles have edges that have been mechanically cut or ground down for uniformity, ensuring size is exactly the same from tile to tile within a product line. This allows fixers to place tiles closely together with minimal grout joints. Because of the precise dimensions, rectified tiles are easier to work with when installing patterns and unique tile designs. Non-rectified tiles that do not have uniformly calibrated edges require wider grout joints so that differences between tiles are not visible.

Large format tiles

Because of the improving tile production technologies, tiles can be produced in ever increasing sizes and different thicknesses. Tiles can now be produced in sizes over 3 meters and have special transportation and fixing requirements that Solus can offer advice on. Solus offer many large format tile options, some of which can be viewed at our Clerkenwell showroom.

20mm thick tiles

Porcelain tiles can be produced to 20mm thickness to allow them to be used in outdoor dry lay systems. These tiles are extremely strong and are produced with good anti slip properties suitable for use in wet outdoor conditions. Use the Tile Finder to see a selection of 20mm outdoor tiles or call the sales team who would be happy to explain the full range.

Bespoke size tiles

In addition to the many standard tile sizes that are available, Solus offer tile cutting services allowing any size to be cut and supplied, which offers designers an unlimited creative use of tiles. For more information please see the tile cutting service page or call the sales team.