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Solus were delighted to partner with architecture practice Studioort and wowed crowds at this year’s London Festival of Architecture.

The London Festival of Architecture celebrates London as a global hub of architectural experimentation, practice and debate. The festival returned to the capital this June with a lively and diverse programme of public events across London exploring the theme ‘identity’.

The theme this year was focused around the identities of cities and exhibiting for the first time within Solus’ brand new Clerkenwell showroom is Studioort. Artison Wangpraseurt, Principal Architect of Studioort, commented: “The physical identity of our cities is composed of multiple dualities ranging from public to private, from transient to permanent or from planned to coincidental. It is a diverse and layered identity, constantly evolving, yet miraculously resilient.

“The exhibition focuses on a particular, physical element that tacitly assigns identity to the public realm. An element, which covers more civic space than any other: the pavement.

“The pavement forms a space in a city that reflects ownership, a society’s financial wealth as well as its aesthetic sensibility. It must address functionality, maintenance issues and comply with health and safety. A pavement can adapt to the historical context and to the particularity of the building it lines. It can reveal a story of inclusiveness and our ability to reach consent between conflicting interests.

“The installation offers a view on the mundane and trivial pavement, as a formative element adding to citizens’ collective identity. The juxtaposition of distinct pavement materials from several cities around the world, including London, presents their differences and thereby crystallizes their unique characters. Life-size alternating floor projections are combined with anecdotal stories and material facts to create an immersive and informative visitor experience.

We were pleased to be exhibiting within Solus’ showroom, right in the heart of Clerkenwell. Not only does the space accommodate our story, but the tiles within the showroom lend itself perfectly to the theme of identity.”


The London Festival of Architecture began in 2004, and has since grown to become Europe’s largest annual architecture festival. The festival attracted an vast audience of more than 400,000 people in 2017 and a global media audience of millions.


Stephen Baker, Commercial Director of Solus, commented: “We are thrilled to work in partnership with Studioort and be a part of the renowned London Festival of Architecture. Animating our showroom in such a fantastic way was a great way to showcase our expertise and meet first hand a wealth of architects and designers. We look forward to taking part within the prestigious festival next year.”