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Miracle boy Noah steals the show for a second time

Sep 06,2019

The heart-warming story of miracle boy Noah Wall brought a tear to the eye of millions of viewers when it was aired on TV screens across the nation back in 2014.

Little Noah, from Cumbria, stole the show and captured the audience’s heart when he appeared on BBC One’s DIY SOS with his proud parents Shelly and Rob.

His amazing journey and joyous character attracted the attention of an array of tradespeople and businesses – including Birmingham-based tile supplier Solus – who were all eager to help the family.

And the reaction was no different when his story was re-visited as part of the series’ 20th anniversary celebrations last night.

Shelly and Rob were initially contacted by the long-running programme when they desperately needed help to improve their home to accommodate Noah’s health complications.

The youngster, now aged seven, was diagnosed with spina bifida, which is caused when a baby’s spine and spinal cord don’t develop properly in the womb, causing a gap in the spine.

His early prognosis was bleak, and doctors gave him a matter of just months to live.

But courageous Noah repeatedly proved medical professionals wrong, offering hope and inspiration to thousands of other families worldwide.

He has continued to go from strength to strength, defying all the odds and passing many major milestones.

Shelly said: “Noah has been proving people wrong since the day he was born, he is a real fighter and his positivity is endless. He has been through such a lot but his fun-loving personality always shines through and he constantly makes people laugh.”

Inspired by his story, Solus was eager to lend a hand and help to make the renovation of the family’s home a success.

As part of the project, it donated tiles to transform the bathroom, making it a more practical and appealing space for the youngster.

Six years later, Shelly contacted the company to ask if she could buy additional tiles to patch up selected areas following the installation of a new hydraulic bath.

But Solus decided it could do better than that! The team thought it was time to give the whole room a refresh, making it more suitable for Noah’s age, personality and unique sense of style.

Shelly added: “We had so much support from so many people when we appeared on the original DIY SOS, including Solus which provided tiles for our bathroom, and that sentiment has continued ever since.

“When I recently called the company to see if I could buy a few replacement tiles I was astounded when it offered not only to replace all the tiles in the bathroom, which Boyd Plastering kindly fitted for us, but also to provide them for the downstairs toilet too where the tiles were installed by Alan Butler. Noah had great fun picking the colours, but we did have to tone down the rainbow effect he was keen on!”

The plucky youngster opted for the vibrant Carnival range, choosing bright blue tiles in the bathroom and vibrant orange in the downstairs toilet.

Claire Hulme, Area Sales Manager for Cumbria, said: “Noah and his family were a delight to work with and the bathroom tiles they chose create a quirky and individual look that really suits them.

“Noah’s story captured the hearts of the nation when he first appeared on DIY SOS and he continues to inspire people around the world. I am extremely proud that Solus has been able to help the family not just once but twice. Noah truly is an amazing little boy whose determination and achievements are nothing short of miraculous.”

To find out more about Noah’s incredible journey visit

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