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Solus Ceramics are delighted to announce that they have completed the lease on a new Showroom premises in one of the most exciting and innovative architectural hubs in the world- Clerkenwell.

The showroom will be a design-led experience, offering a stimulating, imaginative and supportive space that is an innovative and progressive expression of the Solus Ceramics brand.

Stephen Baker, Commercial and Marketing Director at Solus Ceramics, said: “Since February, we have been working very hard to not only secure the lease on the property but to also have it architecturally designed by the esteemed team at Clerkenwell based studio, BusbyWebb. The design concept is now complete and from Monday 13 November it will be under construction for a full fit-out delivered by GS Contracts, which will take 10-12 weeks. We look forward to welcoming guests to Clerkenwell in February 2018!”

As a tile supply and service company, Solus Ceramics offer unprecedented knowledge, choice and customer service to a range of architectural, private and commercial clients, which is backed up by robust infrastructure and a large team of talented industry experts. The Clerkenwell showroom will encapsulate the fantastic service, ‘family run’ ethos and personal style that makes a customers experience with Solus Ceramics so special.

Nick Wills, Director of Branding BusbyWebb, said: “Our concept was based around the ‘heart’ of Solus Ceramics as a family company – starting from Chairman, Peter Bentley’s home office and becoming one of the UK’s leading tile experts whilst maintaining the same ethos. We took this theme and built the customer experience around key ‘home’ moments.

At the heart of the family is the home so we created a space to embody all the best aspects of a home. From the windows representing the garden with all the attraction and flexible inspirational displays as you enter, the reception as a more informal breakfast/kitchen bar and including an informal breakout space to represent the lounge where staff and customers can comfortably sit for chats or to work.

Downstairs we extend the informal lounge and we placed the engine room including the study with the product library, a play area for looking at tile combinations under different lighting conditions and the more formal meeting room dressed to represent the dining room.

The showroom will be a fantastic space to be inspired and to be informed of the latest product and trends. It will be a relaxed environment for customers to come and use in any way which they prefer – from a traditional specification centre to an informal and collaborative workspace.”