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Solus launches organic flooring range with sustainability at its heart

Mar 19,2020

Sustainability has soared to the top of the political and news agendas, hitting the headlines with an intensity never witnessed before and forcing world leaders to take action to tackle its incessant march.

As the winds of change have blown from a breeze to a gale, international summits have been taking place to debate ways to halt the havoc that global warming is wreaking on our planet.

It is undoubtedly the defining issue of our time, seeping into every area of our daily lives from the way we travel, to the way we shop, relax, work and eat.

The buildings we reside in and are employed in have slowly – and perhaps subtly at first – started to change too with ‘green’ homes and offices no longer viewed with scepticism but with necessity.

From inception, architects and designers are now taking environmentally-friendly elements into account, from the inclusion of solar panels and rainwater harvesting butts to the use of sustainable building materials and geothermal energy, every contribution counts.

Leading UK tile supplier Solus supports the increased environmental emphasis in architectural and interior design concepts, presenting a flooring solution characterised by unbeatable ecology and incomparable sustainability.

The company, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, has launched the new PURLINE organic flooring range by wineo, which is completely free of chlorine, plasticisers and solvents, making it the most environmentally-friendly elastic flooring on the market.

Available in convincing wood-effect, a contemporary stone design and delightful décor, as well as an array of formats, the range is the ideal accompaniment to contemporary design projects, combining a sense of social conscience with an unwavering commitment to style.

Safety is a key feature of the sophisticated range which boasts the greatest possible slip resistance thanks to its R10 and A/B certifications while outstanding UV-resistance, the ability to withstand changes in climatic conditions, odour neutral nature and economic benefits make it the ideal solution.

Solus Commercial and Marketing Director Stephen Baker said: “The natural environment plays a prominent part in the world of architecture and interior design with biophilia becoming a strong focus alongside the use of sustainable products and practices.

“Solus’ new PURLINE organic flooring range is made from the finest quality materials, manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola and caster as well as naturally occurring mineral components including chalk. It is a truly ecological range which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that sustainability and efficiency are not mutually exclusive.

“The products feature an abundance of environmental benefits, while their unequivocal sense of style makes them the perfect partner for modern design projects. The impressive durability of the flooring ensures resilience in areas of high footfall from hotels to hospitals, nursing care facilities to schools and workplaces.”

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